H Series Valve Cover


Having an H Series under your hood isn’t good enough, you have to do all that work to show it off.  Unlock your car, open the door, get a flashlight to find your hood release lever, get down on your knees, reach up under your dash into a spider web, find the lever and pull it, get back up off your knees, walk to the front of the car, pull the release tab, lift the hood with all your strength, fumble with the hood prop to get it to hold, then finally your ready to show off that dirty motor.  Save yourself the dirty knees and spider bites and just order this awesome rubber valve cover keychain, it’s way easier to show off and saves you a trip to the hospital with a black widow bite!



*2.5 inches long

*Available in Red, Black, or Blue

*Raised graphic

*Honda and Eeffect logos are flat on the back in white

*Made of rubber


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