Lifestyle shot of model wearing Eeffect ShirtsFor over a decade Eeffect Apparel has been a leader in automotive fashion.  Founded in 2003, our mission was to change the way the world viewed automotive clothing.  By bringing a unique spin and out of the box thinking to the ever changing industry, Eeffect continues to push boundaries and break the rules.

We strive to provide high quality artwork and top of the line apparel with our boutique-style, limited quantity fashions.  We don’t let designs sit and wear out their welcome, we are always mixing it up and changing our catalog to feature fresh, new designs and products.

In 2013, we got the opportunity of a lifetime and teamed up with Honda of America for an Officially Licensed Collection like the Honda world has never seen before.  Focusing on the brand, cars, engines, and the passion, this line is sure to excite every Honda enthusiast.

In 2014 we debut a brand new line with Honda Powersports, focusing on the motorcycle division and bringing our style to that industry.  We have some huge things planned and some killer designs, so keep an eye out for those.

More recently, Eeffect teamed up with automotive toy juggernaut Real Wheelz Inc. to develop the much anticipated Eeffect Wheel Headz Series – our exceptional take on designer vinyl figurines. These rare pieces mix the essence of the Japanese Designer Vinyl collector toy world, with the underground world of aftermarket rare wheel collecting.  Just another way Eeffect sets itself apart from the competition!

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Eeffect Apparel

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